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System Mechanic

System Mechanic

System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense™, System Mechanic Pro®, and System Mechanic are all effective solutions to speed up your computers and prevent future slowdown with regular maintenance. These products are also capable of fixing everything automatically for ease of use.

Over 80 million computers have been repaired with System Mechanic. It helps to clean out any clutter slowing down the computer, removing duplicate files, unused programs, bloatware, and other nagging issues.see more

LiveTech is our affordable, 24/7 premium technical support that can help you solve virtually any technology issue. Remove malware; set up Amazon Echo/Alexa; optimize printers, modems, and routers; block browser popups and adware, and more.

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Get System Mechanic 21 plus one month of 24/7 live technical support (1 PC) for free!

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